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Desiccant dryer Introduction
Three in one desiccant dryer is combined with the actual situation of the plastics industry developed new products.

Desiccant dryer Introduction:

   Three in one desiccant dryer is combined with the actual situation of the plastics industry developed new products. The machine uses multi-stage honeycomb rotor and the stainless steel double layer down blow insulation hopper, complete with dehumidified and drying, and material loading together as three in one, having a fast and simple loading, compact, durable and other advantages. As is widely used engineering plastics, dehumidifying dryer is gradually replacing traditional hot air dryer.


Dehumidifying dryer specifications:


Dehumidifier dryer works:

Dehumidifier dryer has two cycles:

First, dehumidifier dryer cycle: through the compressor operation → exhaust high temperature and pressure of the gas discharge → into the condenser cooling → into a low temperature and high pressure gas → flow through the capillary cut → into a low temperature and low pressure of liquid → evaporated by evaporation evaporator Heat → back to the compressor into a low temperature and low pressure gas. This cycle of reciprocation.

Second, the dehumidifier outside the loop: In the case of normal boot → run through the fan → humid air inhalation from the air inlet → through the evaporator → evaporator to absorb moisture in the air on the aluminum sheet → into dry air → After the condenser heat → blow out from the outlet.

Dehumidifying Dryer Features:

1, Stable for drying to provide the most suitable -40 ℃ ~ -50 ℃ dew point.

2, double stainless steel drum insulation power saving, easy to clean.

3, closed-loop control to reduce heat and dust emissions, more energy saving and plant clean.

4, solid state relay control using non-contact heating.

5, without cooling water and cooler.

6, Compression system than other beehive and double barrel power saving 30%.

Dehumidifying dryer has the following benefits:

1, Moisture in plastic material may be taken to eliminate the generation of bubbles, so that the product to achieve the desired mechanical properties, electrical properties, dimensional stability and appearance.

2, to prevent the production of defective products and return loss, reduce waste generation.

3, Dehumidifying dryer using very dry air dehumidification is performed, it is possible to shorten the time of drying material, save time.

4, The dehumidified dryer air line closed loop systems are used , and equipped with a filter, and therefore not subject to external climate, and can prevent dust pollution in the factory, improve the working environment.

A good drying efficiency is determined by the following factors: drying temperature, drying time, air volume, and dew point. These four factors are interlocked. Any change in conditions will affect the drying effect.

1, Drying temperature: refers to the temperature of the air into the drying Drum, each of the raw materials due to their physical properties, such as molecular structure, specific gravity, specific heat, moisture content and other factors, the drying temperature has a certain limit, the temperature is too high Some of the raw materials in the volatile additives or caking, too low and some of the crystalline materials will not be able to achieve the desired drying conditions, such as: PC / 120 ℃, ABS / 80 ~ 95 ℃. In addition the choice of dry insulation , in order to avoid loss of drying temperature, resulting in lack of drying temperature or energy waste.

2, Drying time: refers to the pre-drying of raw materials before injection, the drying time if too long will cause deterioration or agglomeration of raw materials or waste of energy, drying time if too short will cause the phenomenon of excessive moisture content. For example: PC / 3-4 hours, ABS / 3-4 hours.

3, Air volume: is the only medium to take away the water in raw materials, the amount of air volume will affect the dehumidification effect is good or bad. If the air volume is too high, the return air temperature will be too high, causing the overheating phenomenon to affect the stability of the dew point. If the air volume is too small, the moisture in the raw material can not be completely taken away. The air volume also represents the dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifying dryer.

4, Dew point temperature: refers to when the Air is cooled to contain the moisture condensation into water droplets temperature is a measure of the degree of dry Air (humid) units. The less moisture in the gas, the lower the dew point temperature. A good dehumidifier dryer dew point can reach -40 ℃ dew point temperature

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