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Central Loading system solutions
A central Loading system designed for plastic injection workshop production to achieve uninterrupted continuous unmanned molding operation. According to the need to change the variety of raw materials, multi-color materials used in combination, to achieve automation of the coloring process

Central Loading system introduction:

1、 The central loading system is a set of plastic molding industry for large automated pre-processing and delivery of raw materials equipment.

2、The system uses the transmission pipe, exhaust pipe, and valve storage tank, matching machine, desiccant dryer, Roots blower, dust collector, distribution station, online crusher, branch valve and other equipment connected A fully automation system.

3、Can simultaneously achieve the drying of raw materials, transportation, ratio, color, plastic runner and recycling functions.

Central Loading system scene picture:






Central loading system works:

Central loading system is the realization of the centralized processing of raw materials, through the closed conveyor system, one-to-many automatic controller will be a variety of different raw materials in accordance with the demand sent to a molding machine to save energy and to reduce noise and pollution Of the best automatic system,for raw materials which have been dried in raw materials area, we will make dry air to transport in order to avoid re-damp raw materials, the advanced central controller plus The best tool of unique pulse dust collector design is to prevent the loading system blocking.

Central feeding system classification:

1, one machine one pipe : a plastic injection machine corresponds to a raw material pipe;

2, one machine double pipe: one injection molding machine corresponds to two raw materials pipelines;

3, one machine one pipe plus the main material pipe: part of an injection molding machine corresponds to a raw material pipe, part of a raw material pipe corresponds to supply multiple injection molding machine;

4, the main material pipe: a raw material pipe corresponds to supply multiple injection molding machine.

Central loading system features:

1, to achieve the whole plant unattended operation of loading, save a lot of manpower for the company.

2, with the cooling water circulation system, automatic removal of the conveyor system, hot and cold exchange system and secondary material recovery system to achieve unmanned factory operations, Company can tranfer the saving for air conditioning and lighting and other equipment consumed by the energy.

3, Greatly improve the production efficiency of company, reduce the production cost of company.

4, greatly improve product quality, reduce the non-performing rate.

5, can be adjusted according to the needs of different raw materials, eliminating a lot of company for the trouble of refueling.

6, the pipeline does not occupy the ground space, saving a lot of effective space for the company.

7, Pipe layout neat and beautiful, can effectively improve the environment of the workshop.

8, the cost is relatively low, in the long run to save a lot of money for the company.

9, to achieve a closed pipeline transportation of raw materials, to completely avoid the workshop noise, dust, hot air pollution, is the best system to maximize product quality.

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